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"My wife said since having our dryer vent cleaned our dryer is ending it's cycle at or before our washer and the clothes are DRY!!"   David-West Des Moines

"Your technicians seem to really care.  They took the time to explain everything they were doing and showed us what they removed from our dryer and the vent."  Patty-Des Moines

"I recently had our duct work cleaned at my auto repair shop. You need to understand our furnace is well over 50 years old. On top of that, the unit has never had a filter on it as far as we know. I can testify this to be true for at least the last 16 years. As an auto repar shop, things are very dirty as you can imagine. Central Iowa Duct Cleaning came in and did an excellent job. They are prompt, thorough, courteous, and cleaned up before they left. There was no dirt, soot, etc. during the process, and,         we were able to conduct business as usual during the cleaning period. I would recommend Central Iowa Duct Clean to anyone, either residential or commercial. Money well spent in numerous ways!" Joe-Des Moines Businessman


"Recently Central Iowa Duct Cleaning came and bid a job on cleaning out the dryer vent, which was greatly needed.  When they arrived they intently looked over the current dryer vent and discovered that it had been incorrectly installed; in return had caused a significant leak through the ceiling from the condensation that had built up over time.  They very swiftly discussed the situation with me and we made the decision that indeed it had been installed incorrectly and that a new duct was needed.  Minutes later they were able to give me an accurate bid and we moved on to an installation date a couple days later.  They came, and in one day made my life much easier, with the correct installation of a new dryer vent the time of an average, of four loads of laundry a day, was cut in half.  Thanks to Central Iowa Duct Cleaning for the wonderful help, not only cutting my laundry time in half, but keeping my family safe from a potential dryer fire.  Thanks again,  Sincerely a happy customer                                                                                                                            

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